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Links - Music

Product23 MySpace - Yours truly on MySpace.
SampleSort - Home of the SampleSort project.
Solid State Logic - Audio gear makers.
Toft Audio Designs - Audio gear makers.
SONAR - Production software.
Composure Records - Progressive House label.
The Hype Machine - Research new music.
Pandora - Research new music from your taste.
Sound On Sound - Music technology magazine.
Discogs - Online music database.
CBAB - The UK TV advert music database.
Ickle Dub Box - Skank away folks.


Links - General

Howies - Clothing makers.
Great Art! - Home to Cut The Mustard.
Jammer - Jammers personal site.
Tokyo Plastic - Stunning animated site.
Earth Policy Institute - Environmental stuff.
Company Cars - Product23 Company car policy.
Live Plasma - Discovery engine.
Bad Art! - 10 worst album covers or all time.
Innocent Drinks - Great info site.

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